10 Must-Have Wedding Day Photos

Wedding days are jam-packed with photo-worthy moments and a good wedding photographer will have a clear idea of what they’ll be looking out for. That said, there’s nothing worse than receiving your photo files back to realise there aren’t many shots of certain family members or snippets of the day you would have liked photographed.

We’ve put together a list of must-have photographs which will hopefully help you make sure you get all the perfect photos for your big day.

  1. Getting Ready 

    Invite your photographer to wherever it is you’ll be getting ready to get some shots of you and your favourite people as you brush-up and look your very best!There are lots of unmissable shots to be taken before heading to the venue from getting into your dress/suit, opening letters from your other half (tissues and makeup at the ready!), and popping open a bottle of bubbly with your besties.

  2. AccessoriesWell-experienced photographers will make sure they’re capturing all the best moments and little details, but be sure to tell them about any accessories that aren’t to be missed. This might be your unique shoes, partner’s bow tie or cufflinks, or perhaps jewellery you’re wearing that means a lot to you. Pop this down on the list to make sure it’s not missed.
  3. Arriving at the Venue 

    The jaw-drop, showstopper moment of the day – you arriving and your guests and other half seeing you after long-awaited anticipation. Take a look at photos online of this moment to get an idea of how you’d like yours to look i.e. do you want your photographer behind you to capture your partner over your shoulder/would you like a close up photo of your partner’s face.

  4. The Kiss 

    Little peck, thrown over your partner’s knee… as much as we’re all for doing whatever feels natural, it’s definitely worth having an idea of what your other half has in mind for your kiss. Do you want a photo of your guests behind you smiling as you and your partner lock licks? Or maybe you want a more intimate photo of just you and your partner close up.

  5. The Wedding Party

    This is a great chance to reenact some staged photos you might have seen and also get some silly more playful shots bringing in yours and you brides’/grooms’ personalities. Because these photos are outside of the ceremony itself you can really get involved with the photographer helping direct and position your wedding party.
  6. Natural Pre planned photos are great for ensuring you get all the perfectly posed photos on your wedding day. However when it comes to having some fun, nothing beats a photo booth. This is where you and your guests personalities really shine and you can capture some memorable photos that show another playful side of your big day.
  7. Little ones

    It’s aways lovely to look back through wedding albums and point out the little ones to see how much they’ve grown. Plus children are far more natural and playful which makes for easy photographing and a great way to break-up more staged photos in your wedding album.
  8. Generation Photograph 

    If you’re lucky enough to have your parents and grandparents, make sure you get a shot with you all in – this is definitely one you’ll cherish forever.

  9. The Cake 

    The cake alone, you and your partner with the cake, feeding each other cakes…these are all photos worth getting and also communicating with your photographer.

  10. The Dance Floor 

    The dance floor is one of the best places to get shots of friends and family laughing together and letting their hair down. You can let your photographer have free rein here! If you are looking for a dance floor with a difference then why not check out our LED Dance floors?