FeteStall Investigates: Why photobooths are a must for any wedding and how to choose one!

We love all things fun, especially things that will create memories. If you’ve ever been in a photobooth, you will know all of your inhibitions disappear, and the funny faces and mad rush to grab the props takes over. These are our top 5 reasons you should consider a photobooth.


1. They are fun! We think these photos just sum up how much fun and joy a photobooth can create! These photos sit on our fridge and we smile every time we make a cup of tea.


2. You can use a booth to help fill the gaps in your day. Perfect to keep your guests entertained when you have your photos together, or sneak off to spend 5 minutes with your new spouse.


3. Video! We didn’t know until we investigated that not only do you get the best photos, your guests can record videos too. A picture is a snap shot, and a video is a memory.


4. The photos can be put into the most brilliant guest book. You can look back on your wedding and remember all the fun you and your guests had. Fun photos and cute messages, what could be better.


5. They are super stylish! We love these photobooth from Picture Blast, as they won’t look overwhelming in your beautiful or small venue


If you are choosing a photobooth, what should you consider?

1. The company itself. You should trust your suppliers and know they will support you on your day, so check out those customer reviews.

2. Hire period. Think about how long you want the booth there for.

3. What’s included, so do you get photos, videos, and a guest book.

4. What type of booth. Do you want the stylish selfie pod, or the glamorous photo mirrors, or our favourites the traditional photobooths that draw you into a room of fun.


PictureBlast Recommends:

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