7 Reasons Our Party Booth Is So Popular

Our Party Booth has previously been hired for celebrity events including Danny Dyer’s wedding and John Bishop’s 50th birthday party! We receive great feedback about the booth and wanted to share some of the it’s top features which make it so popular.

  1. It’s size – there’s no need to start dividing your group into twos and threes, you can get everyone involved as there’s plenty of room in the Party Booth! 
  2. It has a HD camera to make sure you get the sharpest quality photos, prints and videos. Don’t like your photo? No worries, take it again. 
  3. There’s a built-in wind machine to get those ‘oh so glam’ shots! So gather up the girls, boys or grandparents – the wind machine doesn’t discriminate and seems to go down well with everyone! 
  4. You can choose between full colour or black and white prints using the booth’s touch screen. Nothing beats having an instant print out and guests can stick one photo in the photo book we provide and they can keep the other.
    7 Reasons Our Party Booth Is So Popular Picture Blast Photo Booth Hire
  5. Your guests can leave you a personalised message by selecting the on-screen Optional Video Messaging option (these will be sent to you digitally after your event along with photos taken in the booth). 
  6. You can pose in private – there isn’t a screen outside the booth exposing your shots to guests in the queue (we’ve all had had those photos that go terribly wrong and you’d rather just bin the evidence!). 
  7. And of course to complete the booth, we have a box of silly and stylish props.

And in addition to all of the above, photo booth hire with us includes free delivery, set up and break down, a photo attendant to make sure everything runs smoothly and a photo book for your guests to stick their photos and write messages in. Plus, if you hire any one of our photo booths, you can take advantage of our special offer on our 4ft glossy white light up letters for your event too.