Alcumlow Wedding Barn – Why We Love Photobooth Weddings

Guest Post by Samantha Cooper – Marketing Manager at Alcumlow Wedding Barn, Cheshire.

Alcumlow Wedding Barn - Why We Love Photobooth Weddings Picture Blast Photo Booth Hire

As a wedding venue we like to think that we are quite relaxed. We encourage all of our couples to put their own stamp on our venue and to have fun with it so that their big day really reflects their personalities.

We have hosted to all kinds of fun wedding entertainments from bucking broncos to bouncy castles but one of our all-time favourites are photo booths. Especially when they come with props to boot!

So why do we love photo booth weddings so much?

They Create a Buzz

When we have a photobooth present at our venue it is always one of the first things wedding guests comment on when they walk in. Almost everyone is instantly excited to use the booth and props which creates an infectious buzz. Once guests have established what time they will be ‘let lose’ to use the photobooth it gives them something extra to look forward to throughout the day.

They Make Guests Feel Thought of

Although the newlyweds will enjoy a quick go in the photobooth hire, guests recognise that it has been hired mainly for their fun and enjoyment. This makes the guests feel considered and they appreciate that the couple have gone out of their way to add some fun and laughter into the day for them.

They Bring People Together

‘Do you want to have a photo with me?’ is something we hear a lot of at photobooth weddings. Guests find that it is a great way of breaking the ice with people who they don’t know so well, especially as it’s a light-hearted activity. It also provides a super fun way for those guests who do know each other well to spend some fun time together. When used in the evening, it can also be a great way for daytime guests to mix with evening guests who have just arrived.

They Create Memories

Not only do photobooths create fun memories but they also capture them in a freeze frame. Guests are always delighted to have a photograph (or ten!) to take home with them as a little keepsake from the wedding day. Something that they can treasure and reminisce on months and years down the line.

They Provide Another Style of Wedding Photography

Although most couples hire a professional photographer for their special day, photobooths offer another, more casual style of photography which can only be a bonus. People tend to be more relaxed and silly when there isn’t another person behind the camera lens meaning that another side of their personality shines through.

All in all we absolutely love having photobooth suppliers at our wedding venue and would highly recommend Picture Blast to our couples who are looking for a professional, friendly and super fun photobooth supplier.