Augmented Reality Mirror

Our Augmented Reality Mirror is an impressive 6ft tall full length mirror complete with animations, the ability print branded photos along with texting and email.

The idea is for the user to chose to have their photo with their desired person (could be a celebrity or anybody prerecorded). They walk up to the mirror and they are presented with thumbnails (small video footage) of each celebrity or chosen person beaconing them to choose them for a photo.

Once the user has chosen their desired person to have the photo with the desired person will walk in the mirror and pose for a photo with the user, once the photo has been taken the desired person will wave goodbye and walk off the mirror.

The photo can be branded and printed, emailed and text messaged to the user.

The setting up process will involve us filming each celebrity or chosen person in our green screen studio (or we bring a portable one to you) we will need 2 video files per desired person, one in their beaconing pose and the other in their walk on “pose for picture” and walk off sequence.

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