Dancing at Parties

Depending on your go to moves, rhythm and confidence, dancing at parties can be something you either look forward to, or it’s something that fills you with dread and leaves you gripping tightly to your chair praying that no one tries to drag you to join them on the dance floor.

For those getting ready to throw some shapes on our LED dance floors, here are some top tips.

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The one thing that shines through when you’re dancing is confidence. If you are very self-conscious on the dance floor then you’re guaranteed to stiffen up and look very rigid.
Try to relax and enjoy yourself…easier said than done right? Have a look around you – likelihood is, you’re not surrounded by the cast of Strictly and there are people dancing to what looks like a completely different song to you.
The thing is, it might have taken a good few drinks to get the others up on the dance floor who feel equally as awkward as you do worrying about how they look dancing.
And as for the few extroverted semi-pro dancers – good for them for having that level of confidence and dancing talent but also GREAT for you because now all eyes are likely to be on them and you can relax!




Chances are most people we believe to be great dancers have developed the confidence or belief that they’re great dancers over the years. Perhaps they went to lots of parties growing up where their aunties forced them to dance with them or they danced around the house with siblings just for fun. All this practise will have left them feeling confident and not seeing dancing as anything that needs to be taken seriously.
This is relevant to anyone at any age – the more you practise something, the more natural it begins to feel. So pop some music on at home and playfully dance around and find your rhythm or go to moves!
Music videos are great for practising how to dance (providing you’ve chosen a video with a non-choreographed dance!). Or how about watching festival outtakes for inspiration? You don’t need to be busting out really OTT moves or twerking – a relaxed side-step is perfectly acceptable.


Stop Caring


Afraid of what others think? Most people on the dance floor are focusing on their own dance moves too much to truly care about how you’re dancing. For the pitiful few looking around sniggering at fellow dancers, this will be an attempt to massage their own egos and feel better about their dance moves.
And what if somebody does think you’re a bad dancer? So what! You can live with this, it won’t change anyone’s opinion of you and doesn’t take away from all the other great attributes you have. So long as you’re having a great time and smiling and laughing with your friends or family, that’s all that really matters and it’s something you’ll be admired for.




Pay attention to how you’re holding your face, shoulders and hands as these can be real tell-tale areas to how you’re feeling. Smile and look around, loosen up your arms and hands (they don’t have to stay by your side), and relax your shoulders.
If you’re still not feeling it, have a look at someone who looks confident and see what they’re doing…they probably just have a relaxed posture and smile on their face!