Floral dreams with Fuchsia Blooms Florist & Cake Atalier , Hampshire, UK

From the floral studio and cut flower patch based in Church Crookham near Fleet in Hampshire, Fuschia Blloms specialise in seasonally-focused floristry creating wild and bespoke designs for weddings and events. Working in harmony with the land and the natural cycle of the seasons using as much as possible from their own plot. Because flowers are locally grown and don’t spend large amounts of time being flown around the world they are as fresh as they can be. This means that they are beautifully scented without the airmiles!……… we all like to take of the environment hey!  They  also use lots wild & gathered ingredients and speciality blooms incorporating herbs such as Rosemary, Lavender and  Mint to delight your senses and complement the floral perfumes.

In the Fuchsia Blooms Florist Studio They aim to explore new interpretations of beauty with seasonality, carbon footprint and eco credentials  at the heart of  everything, making a conscious effort to reduce the ‘flower miles’ and environmental impact of the business and committed to designing without the use of floral foam or single use plastics. Instead using moss, chicken wire and recycled vessels as much as possible.

And best of all…. the floral side of the business now enables them offer fresh flower cakes in addition to sugarpaste creations. From naked, semi naked or a fully iced tiered cake! So do get in touch with them of you want to take flowers or cake and want a eco friendly supplier on board!



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