Hiring an acoustic duo for your event – 5 things to know

1. What sort of events do acoustic duos do?

Acoustic duos usually perform at events such as wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions. Light background entertainment is a perfect match for the type of music that is usually offered by such an act. You can also hire them for parties, corporates, and commercial events.

2. What are the advantages of hiring an acoustic duo rather than a band?

Acoustic acts are simply a better fit for certain events. A light ambience of background music is a better choice for smaller venues, hotels, bars, weddings, intimate settings, and places where there are noise restrictions. The cost is drastically lower in comparison to a band and the logistics of fitting them in is far easier – not to mention cheaper! Octavas acoustic entertainment offers a range of services that are ideal for these situations.

3. What is included in the performance?

Usually most acts will perform 2 x 1 hour sets of live acoustic music. They also can offer pre-recorded background music in between their sets so there is no gap in the music for you and your guests. They can offer a range of packages to suit every kind of situation, offering extra sets, personalised set lists and special dedications. Prices can vary depending on a few details but you should expect to pay at least £450 as a starting rate for hire.

4. What do they play?

You most certainly can find all sorts of acoustic acts online that offer a range of services. The important thing is to find an act that plays what you like. They should be able to supply a set list and talk through special requests. Most acts will mix up a set of songs old and new, fast and slow, to keep it lively and interesting for guests with different tastes. Of course if it is your event or your big day, you may want to be very specific.

5. How do I know if they are professional?

All decent and professional acts should have a good and responsive website that shows exactly what they offer. You should be able to see pictures, videos, songs and general info. They will also have some testimonials and reviews on display to show off to potential clients. They should also be willing to work around any potential challenges you may face when hiring.


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