Improve your Marketing & Advertising with Picture Blast

If you’re brainstorming ideas about how you can offer your audience a more unique and memorable advertising experience, then look no further than corporate photo booths.

Event photo booths have become powerful marketing and advertising tools in recent years and can work absolute wonders to keep your audience happier and better engaged. They even have the potential to improve your reach and authority on social media.

Why have a Booth at a trade show?

As people, we are very curious creatures. At a trade show, for instance, if we know that there are opportunities to take photos with our loved ones or selfies with our best friends, we probably won’t pass it up.

Now this is something that brands should take seriously because when there’s a nice photo booth with your brand name, colours and messaging all over it, people will probably start talking to the booth attendees at some point. Everybody loves sharing selfies and getting their photo taken, so this is a good way to create a a lively atmosphere around your booth.

Here’s how corporate photo booths can serve as a subtle yet highly effective marketing and advertising tool for your brand:

Puts your brand in pole position

When companies set up photo booths, they strategically do so in a way that highlights specific branding elements like messaging and contact information – or even the next steps in order for consumers to avail an offer.

When people get their photos taken and share them on social media, your branding, logo, messaging and contact details are advertised all over the internet – for free! It’s a very effective marketing tool that can potentially help you win over hearts and minds without really investing large sums of money.

A branded booth can serve multiple purposes

Just because you have a photo booth doesn’t mean that it has to be limited to a specific age group only. Even if you are targeting, say, people in their 40s and 50s, you can still benefit from making it available to people of all ages, for example, from children’s parties and weddings to product launches, brand activities and staff functions – these are just some of the ways in which you can use a corporate photo booth to your advantage.

Drive more social engagements

The primary goal for most businesses to use a photo booth is to create the most impact and, hence, the most engagement with their existing and potential audience members. Engagement plays such a critical role in any event or trade show where there’s a product launch happening or where a business simply wants to market a product or service they have started to offer.

From standard single-photo booths to multiple, full branded photo booth solutions with social media integration and much more – we can help you find and set up the perfect corporate photo booth to win hearts and minds like never before.