Instagrams Most Popular Posts

It’s no surprise with its amazing camera and ability to upload images straight to social media, the Picture Blast Selfie Pod is one of our most popular photo booths! And when it comes to selfies and photos there’s no better place to share your images than Instagram! A few hundred likes and one or two comments later and we start to believe we have mastered the social media platform and the art of the selfie/holiday snap.

However compare these number to the Gods of Instagram such as Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Kyle Jenner, and a couple of hundred likes looks like a drop in the ocean!

With this in mind we take a look at the top 10 most liked photos on Instagram

Justin Bieber
Love him or hate him, Bieber is a one man chart topping machine. Bursting on to the music scene as a baby faced teenager, Justin Bieber has amassed a huge Instagram following that has helped him reach tenth spot.

Kylie Jenner
Finding fame in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner has gone on to become Instagrams 7th most followed account helping launch her very own make up business and become the worlds youngest self made billionaire.

Selena Gomez
Originally starting her acting career with Disney, the American singer, songwriter, actress, and television producer is one of instagrams most regular posters.

Selena Gomez
With over 163 million followers and 1,554 posts, it’s no wonder Selena Gomez appears more than once in the top 10 list.

Dwayne Johnson
The WWE icon who has gone on to star in movies such as Jumanji, Baywatch and the Fast and Furious franchise. Along the way he has become one of Instagrams most likeable account holders regularly posting photos of his family and friends.

Jennifer Aniston
Best known as Racheal from Friends, the photo in question is one of the first time the Friends cast have reunited since ending the show in May 2004

Ten Tree
One of the most eco friendly images to ever be posted on Instagram, after amassing 5 million likes Ten Tree have gone on to plant 500,000 trees in Indonesia. Their next step is to reach 20 million likes whereby they have promised to plant 1 million trees.

The late rapper only posted one picture on his Instagram feed before he passed away on May 2018, the photo went on to become the third most liked photo on the social platform.

Kylie Jenner
It’s no surprised with the 7th most followed account on Instagram, Kylie Jenner appears more than once in the top 10 list.

An Egg
From account owner world_record_egg the post has gone on to do just that! Despite only having 7.5 million followers the image of the Egg was posted as a campaign to become the most liked image on Instagram and knock Kylie Jenner off the top spot.