Rimmel Promotional Photo Booth

Promotional BoothWe hired our Oval booth to Rimmel London to promote their new product that is launching. The booth was placed in Boots HQ in Nottingham to promote the product to the representatives. Included in the hire was branded prints that everyone that used the booth got to take away.

If you are looking for an engaging way to get your brand or product promoted call us on 02476 670267Branded Print

Pop to see us your local Shopping centre with the Perfume Shop Promotional Stand, have your free photo then post to Facebook or tweet to all your friends from the booth.

perfume shop photo booth print

Just look out for the stand and come and have a fun photo.

perfume shop photo booth

The must-have elements in creating an unforgettable Christening for your little one.

Unless you’re part of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, it’s likely that the first few years of your life will be the time when you’re photographed the most and, as a parent, I’m sure you’re gathering a nice collection of pictures of your little one. Some will be sweet, some will be embarrassing and some will probably just be a bit weird. Either way, you’re creating (and saving) precious memories for you and your little one.

To make your baby’s Christening an occasion as special as it deserves to be, we’ve put together some hints and tips to remove the stress and steer you in the right direction.

1.    Choose a cake that looks and tastes amazing.

christening photo booth

Is it just us or does some cake you get at special events taste like dry cardboard even if it looks spectacular? I think now, more than ever, it’s easy to find a cake that is affordable, super tasty and stunning to look at especially when you consider the trend towards naked cakes. A light and fluffy sponge packed with fresh cream, seasonal fresh berries and fresh flowers. It’s also likely that with the popularity of GBBO, you’ll also know an amazing amateur baker only too willing to find an opportunity to bake a cake. Special diets also no longer pose a problem as gluten-free, dairy-free cake recipes are everywhere (Made by Margie does a great one).

2.    Include your loved ones in the festivities.

christening rental photo booth

There are a variety of ways you can do this at a Christening. The obvious way most people will think of first is the Godparents and while most of us have one Godmother and one Godfather, there’s no limit to the number you can have: Prince George has 7 Godparents and Princess Charlotte has 5 Godparents. More widely, there’s the opportunity for all guests to share in the day by handing out thoughtful party favours. When deciding on your party favours, we’d suggest asking yourself ‘How much would I like to receive Jordan Almonds?’ If you’d be delighted to receive them, then go ahead with them. If not, try something else: nail varnish, mini potted plants, sparklers, blowing bubbles or, at the least, nice sweets.

There’s often little family traditions that you can incorporate too: maybe there’s a family christening gown? Guaranteed to be a touching moment.

3.    Make it your own

christening photo print

Tradition is great but it can’t be at the expense of you feeling like the event is ‘right’ for you. It’s got to be what works for you so don’t be afraid to start new traditions or even throwing out the ‘should do’ rule book in its entirety. Opt for a naming ceremony, party or nothing as, at the end of the day, it’ll only be a precious memory if it’s a happy day.

4.    Dress little one in an amazing outfit.

baby christening photo booth
Let’s be clear, amazing doesn’t have to mean expensive. In fact, none of this needs to break the bank to be memorable. So, find something special i.e. that’s special to you. Think of Carrie in SATC – she got married in a dress by no name…if she can do it, so can your little one.

5.    Relax and enjoy it.


Stress isn’t fun. Not for you or your guests so have a breathe and relax on the day so that you’re able to be present and enjoy the moments as they’re happening around you, the best way to achieve this is to hire a Photo Booth. Looking back, you won’t remember whether there was a delay between courses or the balloons didn’t look quite right. You’ll remember the great moments when you look back at the photos.

We’d love to share your fun moments! Why not snap some pics and send them to us? We’d love to see how you get on.

Team-building activities for your next corporate event that won’t make the whole team cringe!

We’ve all been there: team-building that is so cringeworthy that it makes you feel more like bailing on the team rather than bonding with them. It can take many forms: overly sincere, too muddy, too childish or just trying too hard to make it ‘fun’. Nothing like enforced fun to ensure that it definitely won’t be fun for anyone.

The world team-building exercises in the world
This is one of those horrifying yet hilarious things to search on Google. Hilarious because the results are just so cringey. Horrifying when you imagine being made to actually do them for real. Here are some of the delights waiting for you:

●    Taking a bath with your coworkers and bosses COMPLETELY NAKED. Apparently, the idea is that being naked makes everyone equal and then more likely to share their honest thoughts. We tried to think up situations that would make us feel like likely to share openly. We couldn’t think of one.
●    Riding the Truth Train. The whole team sits in a circle and says what they don’t like about everyone else. This sounds like a scene deleted from Mean Girls for being, well, too mean. Cue emotional scarring, tears, humiliation and a broken team.
●    Making the team do the boss’ favourite activity and calling it team building. For example, taking a bunch of urban office workers out for a 7-mile hike in the pouring rain without the right clothing so they get soaked. The trust falls won’t go well after that with how bad a mood everyone is in.
Pointers on what to try instead

1.    Bar none, this is likely the single biggest predictor of whether your team building will be a success. Ask the team what they think the issues are and how they think they can be tackled. This gives everyone a voice and the sense of control in what’s going to happen which will help make it a success.

2.    Spend some time thinking about what needs to be different and put a plan in place to get you and the team to that goal. If there are specific issues that you’re facing, these are clearly the things that you need to ensure are raised and, importantly, resolved.

3.    Given that the performance of your team is so essential to your company’s success, don’t wait until there’s a problem to do a couple of exercises and think it’ll be a magic cure. Investing in preventing is going to be cheaper and more effective

4.    Building and maintaining teams should be a constant activity and it can contain frequent low-key activities (bringing a mid-week breakfast for your team and asking how everyone is doing) and as well as annual mega events (like Buffer’s company retreat to Hawaii last week) and aboce all, dont forget the photo booth hire to get everyone close and snap the event! .

5.    Avoid consultants who want to use a sharing stone as the basis of the team building. You’re working with adults; treat them as such.

There are two things we love: photos and fun so why not give some of these a go, snap a pic and share it with us!

Calling all Dr Who fans!

Ok so this is not a time machine, but its just as cool! grab the nearest potential companion, dress up, jump in the Tardis and Snap away until your heart is content!

This booth bring back a common site from the 1950’s and was made famous again by the BBC Doctor Who series. This quirky phone box booth would be ideal for a themed event or a wacky way to capture videos and images from your guest.   Prices from £1,095+VAT Call us now for more information 0800 193 3333

We have been busy linking up with The Coventry Sphinx Football Club to become their official club sponsors.

The Coventry Sphinx have a long history and are the highest non league football club in Coventry.

Below is an action picture taken in one of their pre season friendlies against Coventry City, we lost 4-3 but the boys played well and are a credit to themselves, especially against Championship opposition!

Sphinx Game 073

The Australian travel board wanted to add a bit of fun to their promotion in Southampton, and by hiring the Super Photo Booth form us they did just that.

Our photo booth had green screen enabled to give the customers a choice between having their pictures taken in western Australia or having them taken in the gold coast.

They simply sat in the photo booth, and using the touch screen they selected the back ground they wanted, then the photo booth took 4 pictures and instantly printed.

We also allowed people to email their prints to themselves from the photo booth along with a promotional message from the travel board, and we provided them with all the email address the booth captured.

The photo booth hire proved a massive success bringing hundreds of people over to the stand and delivering perfect Australian background print after print!


We had a very busy Thursday night this week having 5 photo booths in Central London for Fashion week.

We had booths in River Island, H&M, Belstaff, Boodles & Selfridges and queues of happy customers waiting for their turn in the photo booths to have their pictures taken.

All the prints were branded for their store and the exteriors of some of the booths were cutomised to fit in with the theme of the shop.

BelStaff had the live view connected to monitor in the front window, this managed to stop people in the street and enter the shop for a picture themselves.

River Island and H&M had Retro Booths, Boodles & Selfridges had Traditional photo booths and a Party Booth was installed in BelStaff.

The night was a major success and delivered plenty of branded prints to lots of happy customers.

Whatever your requirement for any photo booth hire, we have a booth to suit all environments for any party, wedding or event.

selfridges photo booth

When choosing a photo booth company for your photo booth hire, either for your wedding, corporate event or party, choosing the right company is an important decision to make.

Firstly are the photo booth hire company full time?

We feel this is the most important factor because if the company are full time, there is always somebody to answer your questions during the working week, either by telephone or email.

How many photo booth hires does the company perform each week?

If you dig a little deeper and view the event images you can see if the photo booth hire company are constantly delivering for all their other customers, this should give you confidence when booking your photo booth hire for your important event. You can view our event gallery here and it will give you a snap shot of how many happy customers we have and how much fun the photo booth hire can be for your wedding party or event Photo Booth Images

What features do you get with your photo booth hire?

Whilst the main point of hiring a photo booth is for the instant prints, the extra features that come with the photo booth make the experience a whole lot better for you and your guests

All our photo booths have touch screens, the main benefit of this is it gives your guests the choice between colour and black & white prints each time they visit the photo booth.

Our photo booths also perform video messaging, this is a major bonus especially for weddings and birthday parties as the booth will also allow your guests to leave you a 15 second video message. We then make you a DVD movie containing all the video messages left for you and the best part is, we don’t charge you an extra penny for it with your photo booth hire.

The party photo booth and the super photo booth also have inbuilt wind machines with an on/off switch. This is great fun for adding that extra bit of excitement for your guests when they enter the photo booth, again, this is free with your photo booth hire.

Finally, new for November 2011 we have our facebook, twitter and email remote station being launched. This will allow your guests the option of sharing their photos instantly once they have been in the photo booth and had their prints. Your guests would simply select their images from the touch screen terminal that will be on a table away from the photo booth and they can choose to upload them directly to their own facebook wall, or they can tweet them, or simply send them to their email account.

So overall the extra features that Picture Blast offers with in the standard photo booth hire package adds so much more value to your booking.

PictureBlast photo booth hire are currently touring the UK with two Krispy Kreme branded photo booths.

The booths have been to Selfridges in London, Stratford City, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

The photo booth hire consisted of branded prints that were uploaded to facebook so people could tag themselves in their prints, plus they recieved a buy one get one free voucher with every print for free.

The booths have gone down so well at each event that we have had queues of 60 people all day long.

Our event staff are loving the photo booth hires also as they are pigging out on the best doughnuts known to man!

krispy kreme photo booth

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