Green Screen Australia!

The Australian travel board wanted to add a bit of fun to their promotion in Southampton, and by hiring the Super Photo Booth form us they did just that.

Our photo booth had green screen enabled to give the customers a choice between having their pictures taken in western Australia or having them taken in the gold coast.

They simply sat in the photo booth, and using the touch screen they selected the back ground they wanted, then the photo booth took 4 pictures and instantly printed.

We also allowed people to email their prints to themselves from the photo booth along with a promotional message from the travel board, and we provided them with all the email address the booth captured.

The photo booth hire proved a massive success bringing hundreds of people over to the stand and delivering perfect Australian background print after print!



We are a full time photo booth hire company founded in 2008. Everything you need is included in our package making it great value for money, including travel to all venues in England & Wales.

We have a wealth of experience and have provided photo booths for high profile clients such as Danny Dyer’s wedding, John Bishop’s 50th, Alan Shearer’s 40th, Simon Cowell’s party plus many high profile corporate brands, book with us and you are in safe hands.

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