Organising a New Years Eve Party

For many of us New Years Eve parties hold some of our fondest memories. A time to spend with friends and family, New Years Eve is when we commemorate the year that is just about to pass. Whether we’re celebrating a fantastic year, or thanking it’s over and looking forward to the next.


For some New Years Eve brings with it a lot of pressure to have fun, and with this in mind we’ve put together a list of ideas for those who taken matters into their own hands and decided to throw their own New Years Eve party.


Get them in Early


New Years Eve is one of the most popular times of the year for parties! With this in mind make sure you send out your invites nice and early. Whether you’re sending out posted invites or setting up and event on Facebook, make sure you do it with loads of time to spare and give guests lots of notice.




If your planning on inviting loads of people, it makes sense to hire a venue. As with the invites, it’s best to book your venue early in order to avoid disappointment. Your venue can be anywhere from your local social club/village hall to an upmarket hotel or venue.




You’ve decided on a venue and sent out your invites, now its time to sort out the entertainment. This can be as laid back or as extravagant as you like. However it’s always worth considering the type of guests you have invited. Is it and adults only party? Or will there be families and children coming? Regardless of the age range, things like like photo booths, Dj’s, and fireworks are sure to keep everyone entertained.


Food & Drink


When it comes to New Years Eve, you don’t need to worry about sit down dinners and providing a wide range of courses. With everyone dancing and socialising, buffet food is the perfect option. Just provide you guests with a good buffet selection of finger foods. If there is no bar or drinks service at your chosen venue, make sure you provide enough drinks for everyone throughout the night.


Dress Code


This really all depends on your own personal preference. Choosing a dress code or theme for your party can make the evening more interesting. Some popular ideas for New Years Eve parties include vintage, 60s, 70s, 80s, circus, Chicago jazz, winter wonderland, ballroom, or film. If you have time it’s always a nice idea to add some themed decoration to your venue.