Organising a Work Christmas Party

Although it may only be May, it’s already that time of year when you have to start making arrangements for your staff Christmas party. As the organiser it’s best to get started early. No one wants a staff Christmas party in May!

Top Tips For Your Christmas Do

Book Early

Like this article its best to get in there nice and early when it comes to booking a location. Whether you’re organising a small get together at a local restaurant, or booking out an entire hotel for a large corporate company. You should always book the venue far in advance in order to avoid disappointment!

Choosing Your Venue

The venue will often be dictated by the size of your business and the number of staff. Book a venue that’s too small and not everyone will be able to fit in, book a venue that’s to big and you’re in danger of having no atmosphere. Our advice would be to send out a company email asking who would like to attend in order to get a good idea of numbers and the size of venue you will require. Once you decide on a date and a venue, be sure to send out your invitations well in advance.

Over Night

This one goes hand in hand with your venue. If the venue does not offer rooms then you may wish to look for somewhere with a hotel near by. Depending on how far people are travelling to your Christmas party, having the option to stay in a hotel rather than get an expensive taxi back will be much appreciated by your staff.


It will no doubt have been a long year so why not treat your staff to some great entertainment. There are loads of different options out there from DJ’s to magicians. Our very own photo booth hire Birmingham packages often prove a huge hit when it comes to staff Christmas parties in the Midlands. Our booths help colleagues have a great time whilst capturing some fantastic moments!


Choosing a theme for your party can make the evening more interesting. Choose a theme and research it thoroughly. Some popular ideas include traditional Christmas, vintage, 60s, 70s, 80s, circus, Chicago jazz, winter wonderland, ballroom, film, and Santa’s workshop.

Organising a Work Christmas Party Picture Blast Photo Booth Hire


Regardless of whether your business can afford to offer an open bar we would recommend giving each member of staff drinks tokens. Whilst the majority of your staff will be sensible, there is always someone that sees an open bar as a challenge and will attempt to drink the bar dry whilst humiliating themselves in the process.

Have Fun

Christmas parties are a great opportunity to get to know staff members out side of work whilst celebrating all your hard work throughout the year.