BT – 10 Branded Selfie Pods with Instant Branded Prints & Email Sharing


10 x Branded Selfie Pods with Instant Branded Prints & Email Sharing


10 simultaneous sites through out the UK

BT selfie Pod

The staff selfie campaign was a tremendous success, exceeding all expectations. We asked BT employees to share their personal stories through a simple yet powerful medium – a selfie. Each staff member was instructed to take a selfie, print it out, and write their story on the bottom of the photo. They then emailed their image to a central email address to be entered into a prize draw.

The response was overwhelming, with over 2,000 images being taken and emailed. The prints, adorned with their stories, were displayed throughout their office space, allowing everyone to get a glimpse into the lives and backgrounds of their fellow team members.

Additionally, the campaign generated a buzz of excitement and engagement within the company. The prize draw incentivised participation, but the true value came from the act of sharing and being heard. It reinforced the notion that every individual has a unique story worth telling, and that their experiences matter.