Colgate – UK tour of all major supermarket head offices with branded photo booths


Branded Oval Booth + Branded prints


5 simultaneous sites through out the UK

The campaign successfully achieved its goal of providing eye-catching and fully branded photo booths at Colgate’s largest customers’ head offices. The photo booths utilized green screen technology, allowing for different backgrounds in each of the four images. This added an element of fun and interaction to the activity.

The main objective of the campaign was to promote Colgate’s newly developed “Total Proof” toothpaste. In addition to the branded photo booths and prints, the campaign also involved distributing free samples of the toothpaste to clients. The photo booths and prints were well-received by employees, generating excitement and creating a buzz. As a result, thousands of samples of Total Proof toothpaste were distributed, along with thousands of prints.

Overall, the campaign successfully combined branding, fun, and product promotion to engage customers and create a positive impact for Colgate.