IKEA In-store green screen photography with instant printing


20 x pop up green screen studios


20 x IKEA stores nationwide

The campaign aimed to increase brand loyalty for IKEA by recreating the front cover of their latest catalogue with customers appearing as “The Catalogue Cover Star.” This involved setting up a portable green screen photography set up at 20 IKEA stores across the UK and Ireland on the catalogue launch weekend.

Two staff members were present at each store to assist customers in having their photos taken and attaching the printed photo to their personalized catalogue. The software was reconfigured to seamlessly match the prints with the front catalogue cover and allow for social media uploading with the appropriate hashtags.

The campaign was a success, engaging with over 6000 IKEA customers across the 20 stores. Feedback from customers was positive, and they were enthusiastic about participating in the fun activity. This not only strengthened brand loyalty but also resulted in the distribution of thousands of personalized catalogues.