Dyson – Dixons Exhibition


Custom Magic Mirror and Selfie Pod


NEC Birmingham


The Magic Mirror and Selfie Pod were a hit at the two-day event at the NEC Birmingham. The sleek design of the Magic Mirror, integrated into the stand, attracted a lot of attention. Throughout the event, the Magic Mirror captured over 500 branded photos, while the Selfie Pod snapped nearly 650 pictures.

The popularity of these photo booths was evident as attendees enthusiastically shared their photos via email and Twitter. The images quickly spread across social media platforms, generating even more buzz and exposure for Dyson.

The success of the Magic Mirror and Selfie Pod at this event highlights the growing demand for interactive and engaging experiences. These photo booths not only provided entertainment but also served as a powerful marketing tool, allowing attendees to promote the event to their own networks.

Overall, the Magic Mirror and Selfie Pod proved to be a valuable addition to the event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and helping to create a memorable and shareable experience.