Marks & Spencer – 29 Selfie Pods with instant branded prints


29 x Selfie Pods with branded prints


29 Mark & Spencers stores

Selfie Pod Promo

The Royal Wedding was a special occasion that called for a unique way to celebrate and capture the moment. Marks & Spencer, a popular retail store, decided to hire sleek Selfie Pods across 29 of their stores on the same day. These Selfie Pods were equipped with instant branded print capabilities, allowing customers to take fun selfies and receive their prints immediately.

On the day of the royal wedding, the Selfie Pods were installed in the participating Marks & Spencer stores. The purpose was to promote the free branded instant prints to all customers, encouraging them to join in the celebration.

The customers had a great time using the Selfie Pods and commemorating the Royal Wedding. Over the course of the day, a total of 3600 Marks & Spencer branded prints were distributed to the customers. This initiative added an element of excitement and fun to the shopping experience, allowing customers to take home a unique memento of the special day.

Overall, the Selfie Pods provided a memorable and engaging experience for Marks & Spencer customers during the Royal Wedding celebration.