Photo booth hire in Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK’s second city and hosts thousands of weddings every year. Not surprisingly, photo booth hire is a big industry in the area. 

Pictureblast covers the entire region, all the way from Sutton Coldfield in the north down to Solihull, Hollywood and Rednal in the south. We’ve set up picture booths in dozens of beautiful locations all over the city and the surrounding areas.

Why Is Photo Booth Hire In Birmingham So Popular? 

Photo booth hire in Birmingham is popular for several reasons. 

Great Entertainment (Especially When People Are Hungry)

First, it helps to keep your guests entertained. While weddings usually offer a jam-packed itinerary, there is always some dead time. It’s moments like those that photo booths can come into their own, entertaining guests and helping to keep everyone engaged. They’re particularly good at getting people to forget about their hunger before the wedding breakfast. 

Create Memories Of The Day

Photo booths are also a great way to help preserve memories of the big day. Official photographers are great at taking snaps, but they can’t be in all places at all times. Having a second place for capturing shots allows you to collect more informal, guest-directed images, showing a different side of the occasion. 

Makes Guests More Social

No wedding should ever feel stale. Ideally, it should have an excited, party atmosphere that helps guests get the most out of the experience. But creating that vibe is often easier said than done. 

Here again, photo booths can help. Installing one of these at your venue provides opportunities for guests to socialise with each other to get more out of the day. People can take snaps of themselves in groups and then collect the images and share them on social media. 

Greater Flexibility

Photo booth hire in Birmingham is also great for keeping people entertained if you need to accommodate a sudden change in your schedule. It is one of many forms of flexible entertainment you can deploy on the big day to ensure that guests can continue having a good time, even if things are slow. Event organisers use Pictureblast for other occasions such as parties and corporate events for the same reason. 

What Happens When You Hire a Photobooth In Birmingham

Hiring a photo booth is a very straightforward process. Just tell us the times and dates you’d like the booth, and we’ll deliver and collect it according to your instructions. 

Once we install the booth at your venue, guests will be able to print their photos out instantly or get them in digital format, ready to upload on social media. We will also provide you with printed mementoes of your big day that all your guests can take away with them when they go home. 

We began hiring out photo booths in Birmingham back in 2008, and since then, the industry has gone from strength to strength. Famous clients of ours include Danny Dyer, Alan Shearer and Simon Cowell to name but a few.