Photo booth hire in London

Your wedding will be one of the most special days in your life, so it’s important that you ensure there are plenty of keepsake photographs from the big day. While you should hire a normal wedding photographer, there are a lot of benefits to a photo booth hire in London. This will give your wedding party a surprise element, and then, of course, you’ll have plenty of photos of your guests having a good time (just be sure that your guests send you a copy of their snaps). A lot of people tend to have a guest book at their wedding; well, this is your version of that. Instead, you’ll have a photo of all your nearest and dearest. They’re photos that you’ll value for a lifetime.


They’re also just a point of interest, too. Wedding guests are used to seeing the same old things at weddings, but not everybody has a photo booth at the party! And who can deny just how much fun they are? There’s a reason why photo booths have stuck around for so many years. Though we all have smartphones that can take photographs, people get pretty excited when they see a photo booth. 

And if you’re looking for another reason to opt for a photo booth hire in London, just think about this: it’ll give people who are usually camera-shy the chance to really get involved with the photographs. Sometimes, people can get a bit nervous when there’s a camera in front of them, and they’re having their photo taken in front of everyone. When there’s a photo booth at your wedding, they can simply be themselves, within the confines of the booth. You’ll find that you get some pretty hilarious photographs, all because people are less self-conscious than usual. 

It’ll also help make your wedding more fun in a less direct way, too: it’ll get everyone speaking and having a good time together. Young and old friends and family members can mix in and around a photo booth, and get their photo taken together. So in this sense, it’s not just about what a photo booth hire will add to the bride and groom’s experience; it’s about the guests. They’ll have plenty of great souvenirs of your wedding, which will likely have pride of place on their mantelpiece for many years to come. It’s always nice to give your guests something to take away from the wedding, and this will be one of the finest things you can give to them — they’ll love their little pocket-sized photos.

Photo booth hire in London

So if you’re looking for a photo booth hire in London, be sure to get in touch. Having thought it through, you’ll likely have concluded that it makes a lot of sense to have one at your wedding, if for no other reason than that it will make the event more memorable. When you’re looking back on the photographs, many years down the line, you’ll be happy that you decided to get one for your wedding.