Wall Mounted Custom Photo Booth

Installed in your premises for £5+VAT a day

✔ Increase customer experience in store

✔ Collect customer feedback

✔ Increase brand awareness / promotions online

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Promote your business, offers and deals whilst collecting customer feedback all year round with a branded onsite selfie station Photo Booth.


The Selfie Station is free for your customers to take selfies and is designed to increase your in store/location customer experience along with increasing your online brand awareness with optional customer feedback and data capture.

Key Features:


✔ Fully branded wall mounted Photo Booth.

✔ Custom branded digital welcome screen.

✔ Custom digital brand overlay to promote brand awareness and or any promotion.

✔ Optional virtual digital props and filters to add to the fun and engagement whilst taking photos.

✔ Customers share their digital image instantly with your brand overlay/promotion using email, SMS, twitter, QR code, AirDrop, or WhatsApp. – Optional data capture with optional survey and disclaimers – can be used for feedback or a promotion.

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