What do you need to know about renting a flower wall?

Blossomania team just gave us some tips regarding this topic. So everyone wants to have a beautiful wedding, right? A very good way is to have a unique, vibrant, and unforgettable wedding décor. They have a lot of experience with that, and this is why we thought it would be great to share our ideas with you.

One décor choice that would leave a lasting impression on your guest is a flower wall. We can customise flower walls to last from one night into several weeks and are very ideal for any location. They simply complement your social events. These are some many advantages of renting a flower wall at your wedding. Let us discuss some of them.

·         Endless customisation options 

Flower walls can be styled in so many ways. No matter your colour choice or wedding theme, there’s a flower wall that fits. You can incorporate different types of flowers for your wedding’s aesthetics, vision, and also personalize your wedding by having it in your wedding colours.

·         Great use of space 

Standing floral arrangements are beautiful and draw the eyes, but some venues are not large enough. Flower walls do not take up too much floor space, and you can have one located at your event’s entrance or behind the head table.

·         It appeals to different groups

Many people rent flower wall for one-day events, weddings, and birthday parties. And the demand at other events has skyrocketed over the years. No matter what kind of event you are planning to have flower wall rental is the right choice for your variety of needs. Including Cooperate events, fundraisers, Garden parties, office accent walls, and even concert set dressings.

·         Highlight a section

Every wedding venue has its strong areas and weak points. One of the best ways to divert attention to a particular section at your wedding is to use a flower wall. With the right floral wall, you can highlight a section of your wedding and have the guest pay attention to that particular area. A most common example of this is to have the flower wall behind the head table.

Are you looking to have a modern wedding look? With the right flower wall colour, you can accentuate your event decor to your taste. Full range of other wedding decorations is also available. We handle all sorts of events and can bring your event to life by giving it a professional touch. We are ready to work with your budget, so why not contact us today?

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