Who Invented the Selfie?

As you all know here at Picture Blast we love photography! Today and over the centuries there have been many different forms of photography. Arial photography, fashion photography and action photography to name just a few. They have all had their heyday over the years. However no style of photography has dominated popular culture quite like the Selfie.

The combined perfect timing of developments in technology such as smartphone cameras and social media have resulted in a global phenomenon like no other!

So Why Are Selfies So Popular?

In a world driven by social media and updating the world on everything from family holidays to nights out with work colleagues and friends, the Selfie is the perfect media for delivering these updates. Unlike previous vogues in photography, anyone can do it. There is no need for an expensive wide angle lens or drone, no photography skills are required. All that’s needed is a good time and a smartphone.

No doubt when it comes to the traditional selfie, the go to person in your group of friends is the person with the longest arm!

There’s no need for developing photos, fine tuning your camera or waiting to see your friends to show them the photos. In a world dominated by instant fun and sharing, the Selfie is the perfect solution. Simply take your Selfie, upload it to Facebook, Instagram or your preferred social platform and everyone you know can see it.

So Who Have We Got To Thank For The Ground Breaking Selfie?

Apple? Facebook? Celebrities (Paris Hilton claimed to have invented the Selfie in May 2006).

Nope! “Selfie” the Oxford Dictionaries “word of the year” in 2013 was actually invented in 1839 by Robert Cornelius. A chemist and amateur photographer. Cornelius set up his camera at the back of his family store in Philadelphia and took the very first known selfie after removing the lens cap from his camera and then running into frame where he sat for a minute before covering up the lens again. Thus giving the world its first ever selfie.

Who Invented the Selfie? Picture Blast Photo Booth Hire

180 years later and the Selfie is the worlds biggest form of photography. The principles have remained the same however almost every other aspect has significantly advanced. Selfies are no longer restricted to the back of American chemist stores. The improvement in camera quality and the introduction of filters and portrait functionality by leading phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung mean that photo quality is only getting better and better.

Without doubt the selfie is one of the best ways of capturing the moment whether it be a wedding celebration or a Birthday Party. Here at Picture Blast we have taken our love for Selfies one step further, providing the very best photo booths the UK has to offer! Smart phones are great, but party booths are even better. With a built in wind machine, fun props and even the option of a good old fashion print out to go along with your digital copy, Picture Blast have taken the Selfie to the next level.