Why We Love Printed Photos

Here at Picture Blast our booths have the unique facility to both print your photos there and then, along with the option to send a digital copy via social media, email or text. We understand that the easiest way to share your great moments is often via Facebook, Instagram or one of the many other social platforms.

However, call us old fashioned but we just love traditional printed photos! All of our booths print high quality photos for guest or attendees to take home. You don’t need to worry about expensive printing costs or waiting around for hours to get your photos developed. Our prints are instant!

So Why Do We Love Printed So Much?

With a printed photo you don’t just swipe right or scroll past, it’s there in your hands to enjoy. The way in which we look at printed photos is never likely to change. However the way that we store digital media is changing on a daily basis. Very rarely do we find ourselves looking through our old digital media. DVD drives are being fazed out and replaced with USB’s and Cloud storage, meaning perhaps we won’t be able to easily access great photos we stored digitally years ago. And unless you’ve taken the time to download images from your old phone, all the photos will likely be lost. Although popular today, there is no guarantee that storage facilities such as the Cloud, Facebook and Instagram will be around tomorrow. MySpace is the perfect example.

However the printed photos we have from decades ago are still going strong. Stored in an old shoe box or even a photo album, these physical prints are often the most treasured possessions in any household. The nostalgic feeling you get from browsing through old family photos of parties, weddings and anniversaries somehow can’t be replicated by digital. Your laptop might break, you may trade in your phone or loose your USBs, but the old shoe box with treasured memories will always be in your attic.

Without printed photos we wouldn’t know what our grandparents looked like. We wouldn’t we be able to see the flared jeans and perms our parents had in the 70’s. Nor would there be any photos of our awkward younger selves to be embarrassed by.

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